How to make easy chicken fried rice ndash step by step cook the rice according to package directions cook the rice in a nonstick skillet in the same skillet cook the chicken cook the veggies until tender stir everything together to create the best easy chicken fried rice season to hellip.

In the south fried chicken is often made spicy with a buttermilk and hot sauce marinade or sweet and served over a waffle with sweet syrup there rsquo s the famous nashville hot chicken sandwich which includes a sticky hot sauce drenched piece of fried chicken in the midwest it rsquo s common to put cheese on a fried chicken sandwich.

These recipes for coating boneless skinless chicken breasts can be just a jumping off point for your imagination use the ingredients your family likes to invent your own coatings for breaded chicken recipes just bake as indicated and you will have lots of quick easy dishes everyone will love.

My husband prefers fried chicken without bones so this was a great way for us both to enjoy fried chicken i rsquo ve made it twice the gravy turned out better the second time when i made sure to get every bit of brown bits on the bottom of the fry pan in addition to the 1 4 cup oil.

Chicken cutlets are thin slices of chicken breast while chicken tenders are a separate piece of white meat this recipe will work with either cutlets or tenders just be sure to fry the tenders long enough that they are cooked all the way through.