The best easy air fryer french fries delicious crispy and crunchy french fries that taste just like your favorite restaurant but a healthier french fry you can feel good about serving your family instant pot french fries recipe too works with instant pot with crisping lid ninja foodi and conventional air fryers.

These are fantastic ndash hands down the best oven baked fries ever i wouldn rsquo t have believed how crispy they could be without oil until i tried them myself i rsquo ve had these 7 out of the past 9 days and they just keep getting better every time seriously you rsquo ve created a monster hellip.

The best frozen french fry that i tried was the 365 by whole foods market organic crinkle cut fries these fries were the most consistent in size and got the most crispy in the time that the directions said to cook them the fries were not hellip.

French fries this recipe makes one 16 ounce bag of frozen french fries you can make extra batches easily though if you want to you can make extra batches easily though if you want to cooking oil spray make sure to use a non aerosol cooking oil spray to avoid damaging the finish on your air fryer basket.

Rutabaga the rutabaga is peeled and cut into fries before being seasoned and baked in the oven oil oil helps to cook the fries evenly and get crispy we like to use olive oil but canola or vegetable will work well.