Variations for baked hawaiian sliders use swiss cheese or provolone cheese instead of mozzarella make it a super slider by adding roast beef and ham bacon would also be good mix in dijon mustard poppy seeds and worcestershire sauce in with the melted butter add in sliced tomatoes between the turkey and the cheese.

Most make ahead breakfasts are in casserole form but these little sandwiches can be eaten without utensils and even travel well in case you make them for on the go these baked bacon egg and cheese hawaiian sliders are a great base recipe for make ahead and bake the morning of breakfasts.

Oven baked classic grilled cheese sandwiches by yummly more oven baked grilled cheese ideas including pizza flavor once you have the basics down for making oven grilled cheese there are so many combinations to try the idea is ideal for a diy family dinner or evening when friends come over.

Baked hawaiian sandwiches allrecipes provolone cheese onion flakes honey butter white sugar swiss cheese and 4 more easy hawaiian sliders recipe great hawaiian party food idea must have mom colby jack cheese sliced ham minced garlic pineapple slices and hellip.

Roast beef hawaiian roll sliders or more affectionately called sandys sandwiches combine butter garlic powder worcestershire sauce and poppy seeds for a butter glaze that compliments these baked roast beef and cheese sandwiches these sandwiches are a great switch up to the mustard butter and onion ham sandwiches everyone loves too.

If you like chicken sandwiches you rsquo re going to go crazy for my hawaiian grilled chicken sandwiches tender chicken breasts with a slice of grilled pineapple on top yes please next time you rsquo re having a party or looking for a great game day finger food give these ham and cheese party sandwiches by 365 days of baking a try.

The ingredients for the baked ham sandwiches on hawaiian rolls are so simple you can easily get the ingredients at aldis even now that they have their own brand of hawaiian rolls here are the things you need to make these sandwiches hawaiian sweet rolls these are more than just dinner rolls you can also make these sandwiches on sliders buns.

These oven baked ham and cheese hawaiian roll sliders are a family favorite snack made with havarti cheese and black forest ham and topped with a poppy seed worcestershire sauce and dijon mustard butter glaze this easy recipe is perfect football party food or holiday appetizer.

Hawaiian roll sliders these hawaiian ham and cheese sliders are so little yet so tasty using hawaiian rolls for these sliders was a no brainer they rsquo re the perfect size for a mini sandwich and the rolls add just the right amount of sweetness into the mix i like to pick up a package of these little rolls because you never know when you rsquo re going to need a quick meal hellip.

Rich and buttery these hawaiian sliders are filled with thinly sliced ham and melty swiss cheese all sandwiches between a sweet hawaiian roll and topped with a seasoned butter mixture these are perfect for a quick dinner but we most often serve them at parties and get togethers it never hurts to double the recipe because these go quick.

Ham and cheese sliders are probably the most popular of hawaiian sliders you know the ones with ham gooey cheese and a delicious butter and poppy seed topping all baked together i rsquo ve put together a round up of the best hawaiian slider sandwiches perfect for parties potlucks and gatherings make sure you pin these slider recipes.

These baked ham and cheese sliders and layered with ham melted cheese on a hawaiian sweet roll and basted with a flavorful buttery sauce this is a classic recipe that everyone needs to have in their kitchen i found this recipe in one of my moms church cookbooks and it is one of my go to recipes when i am feeding a crowd or just my family.

How to make baked ham and cheese sliders you rsquo ll need just a few ingredients to make these incredible little sandwiches you can use any slider buns for this recipe but i highly recommend you locate the king rsquo s hawaiian buns and buy those they rsquo re sweet and they rsquo re so delicious with ham and cheese for this recipe.

Funeral sandwiches are one of my favorite southern specialties salty ham nutty swiss cheese and a tangy dijon brown sugar butter glaze is baked into fluffy hawaiian rolls theyre basically upgraded ham and cheese sliders with a brown sugar dijon caramelized crust and theyre completely irresistible.

These wonderful little rolls are baked until lightly toasted and the cheese melts the leftover kings hawaiian ham sliders keep really well in the fridge and they make a lovely cold snack followers of my blog houseofyumm com go hellip.

Panini al pomodoro are rolls originating in venice italy they include tomato paste in the dough plus they are decorated with tomato paste along with italian herbs these rolls filled with tomato paste and topped with a dab of more tomato paste and herbs resemble little tomatoes at least if.